1. Mission

OPERÆ HOME is a global project that pursues the amibitious target to satisfy needs and personal desire through exclusive furnishing solutions. This input arises from the awareness of the possibility of combining Italian design experience and the excellence of the local craftsmanship and the desire to offer a collection able to exalt the shapes for private and public space. Main feature of OPERÆ HOME is flexibility, transposed by a prestigious range of upholstered, sofas, armchairs and beds, starting from the classics form to reach new type of expression.

2. Development

Each element of the collection is subjected to a period of research that joins the handicraftsman experience with the sign of well known Italian designer. It’s an indepth research of the taste evolution, during design compares with the technique and high-value materials meets the attention for detail, giving life to a product that replies to the requirements of a daily life, with high quality standards.

3. Soul

The material selection is one of the most important steps to ensure the success of the product. Experience and skills become essential ingredients to consolidate the collective know-how.

The frame of any component of the collection is produced using steel profile or solid wood and chipboard (fir and beech). This framework is padded with an high-density polyurethane chosen by the solicitation, and enriched with an elastic belts webbing system.

To achieve the best comfort condition it is necessary to pass through the analysis of the seat and back cushions. The cushion is a composite element where the stratification of many materials allows a great performace. The proper balance between the components as expanded polyurethane, polyester virgin fibre and 100% natural feathers represents the key to create an impeccable and ergonomic support.

The structure covering is the component able to establish a global definition to the upholster during the process.

4. Skin

Like in a song the words embrace the notes generating a sublime melody, the same happens when our covers meet the frame. Leather or fabric, each element of the collection is covered from valuable materials that are subjected to a careful analysis aim to highlight possible defect. Innovative methods and technologies combined with traditional tailoring can make it possible to reach an excellent final product, more enhanced by the quality of their clothes.

5. Manufacturing

Every chapter of the project is composed by many factor; they must coexist to make the most of its potential. In practice, to reach incredible results and great products is necessary make an effective planning before every single phase of processing. We understood that is significantly important innovate and automate many daily application, without neglect the experience and great ability of our co-workers, real strength during the creation process. At the end our job is still focus on great craftsmanship.

6. Service

Punctuality, availability and precision are the essential value to create a work system oriented to fairness and transparency; This is our concept of correct service. It’s a clear commitment in order to improve and highlight the strengths of our product.

7. Ethics

Our attitude has been developed over time in compliance to the following concepts: the enhancement of the human resources, respect for rights reaching the wellness of the staff and consistency between strategy and behaviour.

We believe that all this ideas are fundamental to create business in a sustainable way respectful of our surroundings. Our responsibility is the complete understanding of this concepts from all the co-workers, through simple and clear information as they are deeply involved into the ethics path taken by the company.

At the same time we are firmly committed to regularly verify the effectiveness of our social responsibility system, evaluating all the opportunities for performance improvement contributing to specific objectives.

8. Use and Maintenance

To fully appreciate your upholstered you have to observe some basic rules. Both leather and fabric covering are sensitive materials to light and heat. It's important consider this aspect, avoiding proximity to heat source and the direct exposition to the sun, during the placement. It’s also important to not underestimate stains or the accumulation of dust and dirt; a correct maintenance request an immediately intervention and periodical cleaning of the components using appropriate product and techniques. Dust and stain removal are activities to carefully perform, using soft supports capable to preserve the integrity of the different types of covering. Indispensable to ensure the best performance over time is take care of cushion. The padding of the cushion is realized by the various contribution of polyurethane foam and 100% natural feathers. The polyurethane foam is material that, for its elastic component, needs a barren period to reach the best comfort. The natural feather is a material that during its normal use tends to pinch, absorbing moisture. We recommend to weekly plump the cushions and air them around twice a year to dissipate the moisture and preserve a natural aspect. This activity allows to keep the product always in perfect condition.

9. Warranty

We trustingly believe in our effort and in the quality of raw material, but we are certain that is necessary to ensure the final product to meet an essential customer demand. Any product is warranted 5 years for the structure, 2 years for the covering and 2 years for the mechanism, in accordance with a reasonable use of the product. With consciousness that the final value guaranteed not only a physical asset but also a human gesture.

10. Passion

Any previously point of this document help us to tell one fundamental aspect of our daily work. There is something is not easy to explain through words: passion, the most important feeling among those that animate our work. Inside the factors that comprise the creative process we can certainly find: competence, dedication, experience and also ambition. Thanks to these contributions that we are proud of the results achieved, but it’s merit to our passion if day-by-day we continue to love what we do.